More Mishaps at the Mart

Remember when I wrote that I was feeling so much better about my Korean? Yeeeeah, maybe not so much!

After school today, Host Mom and I went to Homeplus to do some grocery shopping. Host Mom put kimbap in our shopping cart to have for dinner so we wouldn’t have to cook, but she wanted something else to go with it. After we paid for the groceries, we started walking toward the exit when Host Mom asked, “Ka-pu-shi mokollaeyo?”

Would you like to eat…Ka-pu-shi?

“Ka-pu-shi?” I repeated, confused.

Ka-pu-shi!” She glanced around the store and said, “Chicken? Hal-abeoji?”

Chicken? Grandfather?

Not even sure what I was agreeing to, I nodded. We had just bought raw chicken, I reasoned. I guessed I was going to meet one of the grandfathers and we would cook chicken together. Although, I noticed with a glance at my watch, it was getting a little late to visit someone for dinner.

We had resumed walking when Host Mom abruptly stopped the cart in front of a bright red kiosk. “Ka-pu-shi!” she said, gesturing at the kiosk.


We weren’t visiting the grandfather. She wanted chicken from KFC. Hal-abeoji was Colonel Sanders.

I was about to laugh about the language barrier, but then I realized that it wasn’t even that I couldn’t understand Korean. I couldn’t understand English!

So we spent the evening eating kimbap and fried chicken. It was my first time eating chicken tenders with chopsticks. After this evening, I will never look at KFC the same way again.


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