Reach the World: Connecting Korea and America

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Fulbright about an opportunity to work with a New York nonprofit called Reach the World. Reach the World connects current students and teachers who are abroad with underserved classrooms in the United States, with the goal of introducing K-12 students to new countries and creating engaged global citizens. As of this week, I am officially a Reach the World travel writer!

Once a week, I will write an article or two about topics such as food, transportation, local traditions, and weather. Sometime this month, I will be paired with an American classroom in either a primary or secondary school. These students will follow my journey online, and I will host a video conference with them once a month to answer questions and talk about my experiences in Korea. I’m excited, but the thirteen-hour time difference will certainly pose a challenge!

By writing for Reach the World and partnering with an American classroom, I hope to introduce students to a country that most of them will not have studied in school. My American students will also be able to learn more about Korean education and youth culture—the things they cannot find in a textbook. By following my journey online, students will be able to see an American traveler, perhaps not much older than themselves, reflect on differences between America and Asia, while also being able to ask questions.  I am eager to serve as a cultural liaison between my home country and the country in which I am teaching. Who knows – maybe a future Fulbrighter will be in my Reach the World class!

You can follow my Reach the World journey here. I will also post the RTW articles on this blog and give updates on my experience.


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