The Many Faces of Janine Teacher

My students don’t always like to speak English with me. But they rarely pass up an opportunity to draw a picture of my face.

This is my face at Fall Conference.

Fall conference face

Here are five student interpretations of me. They range from cute and funny to disturbing.

  1. Janine-o’-lantern – From a Halloween lesson, in which the students drew pictures on jack-o’-lanterns.pumpkin me 1
  2. Witch Janine-o’-lantern – From the same Halloween lesson. I guess we were out of brown markers by the time the students colored my hair.Pumpkin me 2
  3. Model Witch Janine – From when I dressed as a witch for Halloween. The picture is stunning, but my dress was not that short that day!witch me
  4. Ashley Madison Janine – For an advertising lesson, one of my student groups wrote a poster and a commercial for an online dating service. They drew a parody of an Ashley Madison ad – with me as the model!ashley madison me
  5. Buried in the Mountain Janine – Some of my boys are obsessed with wanting to bury me in a mountain (disturbing, I know). For our advertising lesson, they advertised a music album called “Going to the Mountain.” This was the accompanying poster.mountain me


Note to self: stay away from mountains.





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