Teaching Poetry

After midterms ended, I started a creative writing unit with my students. For the second grade students, I taught rhythm (using Robert Frost) and rhyme (using Dr. Seuss), while for the first grade students I taught a lesson about descriptive language. For both grades, I did an acrostic poetry assignment because it was the best way to adapt to higher level students who could use full sentences or purposeful enjambment, as well as lower level students who could just write single words.

I asked each student to write two poems: one about them and one about any topic they wanted. I was so impressed by the stories they told or emotions they expressed in such a short poem. It’s hard to believe they were written in a second language! Below are some of my favorite examples:


Time is gold
I have much time, so I have
Much gold.
Eh…but I don’t feel rich.



I always have to go to school.
I want to have nothing to do.I just want to play as if I went to the zoo.
But, I have to study hard, too.
In my future, I want to get happiness.
If I don’t study, I will get sadness.
For test, I have to do my best.



Pudding, I love you.
U are so lovely.
Don’t eat my pudding.
Don’t be disappear.
I want to eat many pudding.
No pudding, no happiness.
Give me a pudding.




When man is fall in love
He wants to give her his everything,
Even his heart, if you
Need. So please love him a lot. His
Everything is you. And think you are like a
Vase. So carefully, so precious, so pretty. His
Everything is you. And think you like a
Rose. Very red.


UFO (written by Ju Hun)

Juhun said
UFO appeared in the sky.
UFO kidnaps Juhun.


Mountain (written by Myeng Jun)

Mountain is very high.
You will think you can’t climb it.
Experience its highness.
No mountain can’t be climbed.
Go and try.
Judging it before doing is foolish.
Until you start,
Never give up.



Some kids want to be a superman.
Unfortunately, that’s just a dream.
People felt the depression and forgot this dream as they grow.
Even though they forgot their dream,
Rockets of other dreams will be launched.



on’t like
Exam, but I want
A grades.



I want to play soccer,
But teacher blocks us, like goalkeeper.
We want to fight for freedom.
We also fight with wisdom.
How can we win?
Victory is already mine.


Si An

See that girl who wears a school uniform,
In front of the bus stop looking at the phone?Ah, yes. I think she is very annoyed.
No, she isn’t. Just Si An’s face is always look annoyed.



Not big, but
They are strong.



Vice, located in
Root of
Tree of
Underworld, that is
Eternal desire.



Octopus, I love you!
an I eat you? You are my
h! Now I eat you.
lease stop moving! I eat you
sing knife and fork.
o delicious.



Peace in the air
And I was walking in a park, when I
Recognized her. My face was
Tearing. Her face had
No change.
Even though I was broken by her, I
Repeated the proposal.





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