Open Window – More Student Writing

Earlier this month, I submitted some student pieces to Open Window, an online student magazine connected to Fulbright’s Infusion. Open Window had a contest for the best pieces written in English, and my students won first and third place!

My first place student, Park Jae Hyun, is in first grade. His poem, “Partner,” is as follows:

Peace in the air
And I was walking in a park, when I
Recognized her. My face was
Teary. Her face had
No change.
Even though I was broken by her, I
Repeated the proposal.


The third place student, Park Ji Hoon, is in second grade. His poem, “Juliet,” is as follows:

Juliet, who loves Romeo, finds the true love.
I see them, who are dancing on the grave.
Happiness always stays around you.
You are always waiting for Prince Charming.
No Prince Charming is coming.


These poems were published on the Open Window website and in Infusion magazine. My students also each received a beautiful plaque from the Fulbright office, signed by Mrs. Shim!


At first, my co-workers were disappointed that this was the “only prize,” but changed their minds when the principal was impressed and wanted to present the plaques to the students during the closing ceremony of the semester. I was so happy for my students (and, at first, annoyed at my co-workers for being so dismissive because they did not like the prize). Jae Hyun and Ji Hoon were excited to be recognized, and I know how much they deserved it. They are both rather quiet in class, but their hard work shines through in their writing. This was definitely one of my proudest moments as a teacher.



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